Here is a list of things I enjoy:Scientific fact: Food tastes better after photographed

  • Candid photography
  • Mashed potatoes
  • The Ikea catalogue
  • Singing in the shower
  • Public parks
  • Reptiles
  • Making you smile

I grew up in Baltimore. I left my heart in Beijing. I create in several dimensions.

I currently work in the Communications and Media Relations department for a government agency.

I’m the former Web Editor at City Weekend Magazine. If you’d like to talk about freelance projects or help with blog content for your business you can get in touch directly using my contact form.

All views expressed on this website are my own.

Fair use policy

Do you like what you see and want to share it? That’s awesome! I just have a few rules when it comes to how and where you can use my content.

  1. I love links! If you’d like to link to any of my content (text or photos) I’m totally in favor of that.
  2. Excerpts are super! If you’d like to quote a portion of text, that’s also cool, provided the quoted text is less than half of the text from a post and includes a link back to the original post.
  3. Catch the photo bug! If you’d like to use one of my photos, I’m ok with it, but there are some conditions. If you use my photo you must attribute it to my website (sample provided below). You may not use my photos for any commercial or marketing purpose.
  4. Be respectful! If you would like to repost an entire article, you must contact me directly first. That way we can discuss the terms of using the content before it is used. I’m a very reasonable person and am often happy to share content, but it’s essential that I agree to share it.

Sample photo attribution

Photo from

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