Tales of Cincinnati: Wildlife Edition

Here is a collection of some amazing moments captured around and about Cara and Michael‘s home. One of my favorite elements of this journey (aside from seeing my pals again) was how peaceful their property is. They have 5 acres in the woods full of natural beauty, with a lovely pond in the back deck (previously featured in the fish feeding tutorial). In addition to their two cats, there were also a wide variety of woodland creatures wandering around for me to enjoy.

Frog hanging out on a bench before an evening swim

We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores!

Trees and such

The fish pond at twilight

Roxanne taking advantage of the midday sun

Cyrano felt left out and came to see what we were doing

I like to think of this as Roxanne’s stoic pose

A momma deer came to graze right outside my bedroom window

She brought this little cutie along with her

This concludes part two of my Ohio memoirs. The last installment will feature my new favorite toddler in her many moods and hats.

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