Back in college, Thursday nights were sacred. The ritual involved a group of friends, booze, snide commentary, and Jeff Probst. In a strange turn of events, Laura and Ryan now live around the corner from me (quite literally actually) and we have decided to celebrate this happy coincidence by resurrecting Survivor night. Laura does most of the work, and I generally just show up to eat her tasty food and fight off the romantic advances from their two dogs, one of whom has a bizarre foot fetish. But, I digress.

We considered also resurrecting the Survivor drinking games of yore, but as it turns out we are just not as inclined towards alcohol consumption as we used to be. This is probably for the best. In any case, I thought the grown-up thing to do would be to replace the Bacardi shots with a nice bottle of red wine. I’m not exactly an expert at choosing wine, so it was probably sheer luck that the bottle with the name that amused me also happened to be quite tasty.

This Australian red from d’Arenberg wines cuts the spicy notes of Shiraz with a hearty dose of earthy sweetness from Grenache. Each vintage year blends the same three wines in different proportions (depending on the harvest I guess). We enjoyed The Stump Jump 2007, which was obtained for under $10. I will most definitely be stocking up on this for future drinking enjoyment.

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