In this case it’s actually a warm cake, but it didn’t sound quite as snappy.  I realize that I’m very quickly turning this space into a cooking blog, although I get the feeling that most people don’t mind at all.  Considering the four feet of snow and the crankiness and the general hibernating instinct to stuff my face with all manner of deliciousness, cooking is a simple (if not fabulously literal) way to get my spoonful of sugar.

Since it involves both fruit and yogurt, I actually made this cake a few weeks ago for my regular Thursday night romp with Laura and Ryan as way to pretend we were eating a healthy dessert.  I found this recipe for grapefruit yogurt cake at the Smitten Kitchen, which is one of my absolutely favorite cooking websites.  Their food photography alone is luscious enough to cause spontaneous weight gain.  Per usual, I used half sugar and half Splenda and I added lime zest and lime juice because I had some ultra-ripe limes that were practically begging to be juiced.

My favorite element of this cake is the sugar-juice cocktail that you pour over the finished loaf as it cools.  The cake soaks up every last drop of the sweet elixir, resulting in an incredibly moist slice of citrus magic when it is served.  There is an optional glaze, which I’m sure would also be delightful, but since I was pretending to be good it seemed like sugar overkill.  The end result was so tasty, I almost put the leftovers back in my bag to take home.  Of course I didn’t actually do it, because I’m a very polite house guest, but that should tell you just how amazing this cake is.

Check out the original recipe at the Smitten Kitchen, and see for yourself just how scrumptious winter fruit can be!

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