I’m not talking about that boisterous redhead of days past (although she is quite lovable), but rather my new guinea pig! She tugged at my heart strings at the pet store, and over the past three weeks she has settled in quite nicely in the corner of my room. She enjoys squealing, running in circles, emptying her water bottle onto the floor of her cage, and chewing on the metal bars right next to the wooden chew toy. All of this is surprisingly endearing.

Here she is about a week after I brought her home, just hanging out.

Eating is another one of her favorite pastimes.

Posted by:Natalie

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3 replies on “I Love Lucy

  1. i do believe she is worthy of your positive sentiments. i would love to own such a critter, but after the passing of my hamster several years ago… uh uh. i cannot love a rodent again.


  2. So cute! Now she just needs an adorable yellow bread and jam t-shirt. I was going to show T pictures of Lucy but I'm scared she'll want one of her very own. As an update, your mermaid has to sleep in T's bed every night. No mermaid – no sleeping!


  3. A guinea pig isn't an altogether bad idea for a first pet. They're ideal for kids because they're gentle and rarely bite. Although I think a rodent wouldn't stand a chance against Roxanne and Cyrano…

    Glad to hear the mermaid's a hit, and that you find that t-shirt as equally adorable as I did!


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