Snickers commercials are strangely polarizing. Most people I know either love them or hate them, although luckily for Snickers I’m pretty sure the same does not go for the actual candy. In any case, I am currently in love with their bizarre, frenetic campaign that seems to be a collection of those ideas that people usually keep to themselves. I wish ad agencies were actually hiring right now, because seeing things like this really makes me want to get back to work.

Posted by:Natalie

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2 replies on “deHungerize

  1. But why Germany? Imagine how the blank would hit the PC fan if any other country was chosen? Wouldn't the country whose capital is Budapest have been better…at least it would have punned. Is it ok to stereotype one certain people (Europeans) but not another (Asians, Africans)?


  2. I think that, in general, people need to lighten up (or perhaps that's a comment best saved for a 3 Musketeers ad?). I'm not suggesting that people take up stereotyping as a hobby, but criticizing a food ad for playing off the image of the hungry German is nitpicking in my opinion. Advertising often pushes the envelope much farther than that ( check out these ads done by Grey in Europe

    As for the second thought, “pun” is often a dirty word in an ad agency. My best guess is that Hungary was brought up in brainstorming, then thrown out for being too “punny.” Somehow Germany is just funnier, and recognizing this is part of the genius of the creative team.

    Thanks for commenting, I appreciate your thoughts!


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