Dunkin Donuts is currently running a commercial with a man hocking counterfeit breakfast items from a fold-out box in front of an office building. It’s another ad that I want to hate, but somehow it makes me laugh every time I see it and I forget about my reservations. I want to hate it because its main message declares the Dunkin breakfast options to be “real” food. I am pretty sick and tired of the “real” angle used more subtly by McDonald’s and much less subtly by Wendy’s. Dear lord, if I hear that awful Wendy’s jingle one more time I might actually vomit.

I understand that the fast food giants want to reassure us about how their menu items are freshly and lovingly prepared because that makes us feel almost comfortable about eating at their restaurants. However, the bottom line is that their food is processed. It is mass-produced. It is scientifically engineered. It is also delicious. Personally, I think they should just own up to their shortcomings and embrace the taste factor. Remind me how happy I feel when I cram McNuggets into my cheeks like a hibernating squirrel and I might be inclined to forget about my diet for a day.

All this being said, I still love this Dunkin Donuts ad for one simple reason. Actually, it’s one simple word: “breakfastsis.” I wish I could find a video of the ad for your viewing pleasure, but it is mysteriously absent on the web.

Posted by:Natalie

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