After much noodling around with clay, I finally got my act together and posted my first items for sale on Etsy.  I’ve been slowed down quite a bit by a nasty cold, but if all goes well I’m going to do some more crafting today and post a few more items tomorrow.  I know I’m not going to make a living selling clay jewelry online, but I must admit that the time spent making each piece has been critical to maintaining my sanity during this frustrating job search.

So, if you or anyone you know is looking to pick up a quirky piece of loveliness please think of me and see what’s happening over at my shop.  I’m also more than happy to make custom pieces if you have something in mind.  You can request items to be made on my Etsy page, or just email me and let me know what you’re thinking.  I’m particularly pleased with this jazzy astronaut and am able to replicate it in pretty much any color you could think of.

Having a creative outlet is a wonderful thing, and I think the world would be a more serene place if everyone embraced a silly whim once and a while.  It seems a bit childish, but opening up that box of clay makes me sublimely happy.  I love the feeling of the clay between my fingers as I am kneading it to the right texture.  There are no worries, no crappy job market, no unreturned phone calls, no lonely hours.  It’s sheer bliss.

Stop by my shop and see if anything strikes your fancy!

Posted by:Natalie

Writer. Internet Wrangler. Media Relations by day. Marketing for ATB Publishing by night. Big fan of zombies, cupcakes and candid photography. 我爱北京

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