I’ve talked here before about how my sleeping habits (namely, the habit of not sleeping) lead to viewing a crazy amount of late-night television.  Lately, there has been one product advertisement that I just can’t get out of my head.  No, it’s not an exciting product.  No, I don’t want it.  No, it’s not even a great commercial.  The reason I can’t stop thinking about it is because I am firmly convinced that it will be the cause of an inevitable zombie epidemic.

I’m talking about Chantix.

Much has been said already about this supposedly magical drug that serves as a stop-smoking aid.  According to the testimonials in the commercials, people are just wild about it.  Lifelong smokers are finally kicking the habit thanks to the wonder of Chantix.  Nevermind that an entire minute of this commercial is spent outlining the potential side effects of the drug.  Side effects, might I add, that are sure to ultimately result in an army of undead ex-smokers.  They will be trading nicotine for brains.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stock up on ammo and canned goods, just in case.

Posted by:Natalie

Writer. Internet Wrangler. Media Relations by day. Marketing for ATB Publishing by night. Big fan of zombies, cupcakes and candid photography. 我爱北京

2 replies on “File Under: WTF?

  1. Considering the side effects are anxiety, painful facial contortions and vivid nightmares, it may as well be the drug of choice for a new-age cult's spirit quest. It's like FDA-approved peyote.


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