Go with the Flo

She’s quirky, perhaps excessively enthusiastic, and has an unnatural love for insurance.  She’s Flo, and I can’t get enough of her.  Progressive Insurance has found a blissfully happy medium between strange and annoying with their peppy spokeswoman and her discount crusade.  While I pity this actress for what will be a lifetime association with this role (much like the Old Spice “I’m on a horse” fellow), she really is a perfect fit for this campaign.
Now, they’re running a promotion called Help Flo where viewers have a chance to join her in a new Progressive commercial.  While the idea of users submitting their own commercial videos has been well overdone, this concept is actually quite fresh.  They don’t ask viewers to film an ad, but rather to showcase their personality and enthusiasm and cap off the video entry with “Now That’s Progressive.”  It’s more like a fan contest for people who love the Flo campaign, and I think that’s genius.  While I will not be entering the contest personally (I’m a bit squeamish about being on camera), I think it’s a great promotion and an excellent way to keep the Flo franchise new and exciting.

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