Looking for a cd to play in the car, I found a bunch of old mixes from my college years.  Most of them are only labeled with the date, and those that have titles are non-descriptive things like “for the drive to Waldorf.”  (Apparently my creativity did not extend as far as my music collection.)  Among them were several cds I burned as play lists for my college radio show (also marked only with the date).  Armed with a stack of mystery albums, my drive down the highway ended up being more like a trip down memory lane.

It was a fairly pleasant trip, but this song really threw me for a loop.  I had completely forgotten about it but the words all came flooding back to me, along with some emotions I was not prepared to handle while operating a moving vehicle.  All I could find on YouTube was a live version, and while it is still beautiful it doesn’t have quite the same solemn power as the studio version.  The way things have been going  it was both the best and worst song to come across today.

Posted by:Natalie

Writer. Internet Wrangler. Media Relations by day. Marketing for ATB Publishing by night. Big fan of zombies, cupcakes and candid photography. 我爱北京

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