Over the years, the Internet has brought me countless hours of wonder and delight.  Starting with the family’s first dial-up connection to Prodigy (technically more of an intranet, but I’m not here to split hairs) I have been glued to that magic portal.  After all this time together, today I experienced my first Internet-related religious experience.  It was a baking miracle.

Behold, the 100-calorie cupcake:

Oh.  My.  God.  The only problem you will have is figuring out how to stop yourself from cramming the whole batch in your mouth at once (which, at 2,400 calories, still wouldn’t be the most decadent dessert in the world).  These cupcakes, inspired by a post over at Omnomicon, are dangerously simple to assemble.  You will need four ingredients:

 One box of cake mix.  I chose Devil’s Food, because it’s decadent.
One 12oz. bottle of diet soda.  My pick was Jones Diet Black Cherry.  Yum!
One container of Fat Free Cool Whip (thawed) and one box of Sugar Free/ Fat Free pudding mix.  My choice was Cheesecake flavor, for the obvious reason of deliciousness.
Stir together the cake mix and the soda in a large bowl.  You will need to whisk the batter fairly vigorously to ensure all of the dry mix gets incorporated.  Follow the baking instructions on the box, adding about 5 more minutes to the baking time, until a toothpick comes out clean.  You can make cupcakes, Bundt cake, whatever your little heart desires.  I went with cupcakes because it forces a bit of portion control on my dessert-greedy self.
While these little beauties are baking, whisk together the Cool Whip and the pudding mix.  It will be a little thick, so you will probably need an icing spatula to spread it on the cupcakes.  Also, since it’s made primarily from Cool Whip, I would recommend storing excess icing in the fridge.  When you’re finished, they will look a little something like this:
And there you have it.  100 calorie cherry-chocolate cupcakes with cheesecake icing.  It’s not the richest dessert in the world, but if you’re on a diet it’s a culinary orgasm.
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