If you live in the northeast US, you’re likely bracing yourself for the impending wall of snow and ice that’s crawling up the coast in dramatic slow motion. In addition to playing snow coverage bingo while you watch local weather teams try to contain their excitement, I put together a few fun DIY projects you can work on while snowbound.

“Paint” some glasses

The good people over at Honestly WTF have what looks to be a simple tutorial on turning regular drinking glasses into swirly painted glasses using nail polish. The only thing you might not already have is painters tape, but I suspect masking tape or even clear packing tape would do in a pinch. Besides, if your paint swirls go rogue, you can always clean them off with nail polish remover.

Make mulled wine

You may associate it with Christmas, but there’s no better reason than being snowed in to cook up some warm, spiced booze. If you’re the kind of person who needs a recipe, this one from Gimme Some Oven is fairly straightforward and doesn’t call for too many ingredients. But honestly, mulled wine is the kind of thing you can totally just throw together from whatever is around. As long as there’s wine, citrus and cinnamon, the rest is flexible.

Hair practice

Sorry if this somehow pulls back the curtain on beauty routines, but getting your hair to look effortlessly cool actually takes a whole lot of effort. Since you’ll be stuck at home anyway (and possibly probably tipsy) make good use of the time and go hair-crazy. A Beautiful Mess has compiled 20 styling tutorials of varying degrees of difficulty.

Film your cat

You know you want to.

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