This post is bananas

I love bananas in every stage of ripeness, but there is a certain magic quality that brown bananas have, full of sweetness and possibility. My favorite use for ripe bananas has always been banana bread, mostly because there are so many different recipes out there to try and they’re all fairly adaptable.

As a bonus (thanks to my delayed posting), I’m also covering a recipe for banana oat bars that is simple and gluten free.

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Quick and easy cornbread

With hibernation on the horizon, it’s nice to have a comfort food recipe on hand that’s easy enough to make on a weeknight and also healthy enough to complement the inactivity of all-day Netflix marathons. This cornbread can be made quickly, and with ingredients you probably already have on hand.

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Happiness is a warm bun

In this case it’s actually a warm cake, but it didn’t sound quite as snappy.  I realize that I’m very quickly turning this space into a cooking blog, although I get the feeling that most people don’t mind at all.  Considering the four feet of snow and the crankiness and the general hibernating instinct to…

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