Since I’ve been basically confined to my house for almost a solid week now (thanks, El Nino/Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon) I’ve had a lot of time to watch television.  Daytime programming around here mainly consists of various CSI reruns and judge shows, so the real highlight has been the quality (and not so quality) commercials.  I’ve assembled a few here that amuse me, some for their sharp wit and others for their sheer absurdity.  Enjoy!

Good: Old Spice

I dare you not to laugh at this commercial.  “Where are you?  You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like.”  I’m so amused that I’m willing to forgive their sloppy use of preposition.  Why?  Because he has an oyster full of tickets to that thing I love.

So Bad It’s Good: Value City Furniture

Value City never ceases to amuse me with its cutting edge use of modern music and interpretive dance.  I’m pretty sure they know how ridiculous they are, since they continue to produce commercial after commercial in the same style.  My true favorite is their President’s Day Sale ad but it’s not available to embed, so you’ll just have to click through the link to fully experience the wonder.

Bad Idea/Good Laugh: International Auto Show

Looking for an affordable way to spend Valentine’s Day?  Why don’t you take your lady to meet Spiderman AND Ironman at the Baltimore Convention Center?  ‘Nuff said.

With another foot of snow on the way tonight, I’m pretty sure I’ll have plenty more to share in the near future…

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