It’s not often that something can make me laugh, without fail, every time I see it.  But when he looks with his special eyes and sees ::gasp:: his brand, I nearly pee myself.  I can’t get enough of this commercial for 1-800-Contacts.

It reminds me a bit of an ad that was done by Publicis for Sprint as part of a campaign back in the early 2000’s (boy does that sound odd).  The ads featured the results of phone conversations ruined with static, my favorite being one where a spouse brings home a soap opera star instead of “soup from the store.”  There is a dramatic pause at the close of the commercial where the hunk is leaning against the mantle over the fireplace holding a can, and he mournfully states with his Spanish accent: “Soup.”  I’ve been searching for it on YouTube to add to the post, but I can’t find it anywhere.  You’ll just have to trust me that it’s hilarious.

Not all soap opera ads do it for me though.  In particular, I can’t stand the current Cheer detergent campaign that uses a fake show called “Brighten Beach” to highlight how well their product cleans whites.  A woman (who is supposed to be a babe, but does not fit the part) wakes up from a coma and thinks she sees an angel.  But, no!  It’s just the shiny white coat of the dreamy doctor, who carries around a bottle of Cheer for no apparent reason.  It’s pretty awful.

1-800-Contacts, however, is pure genius (thanks to the comedic stylings of the Perlorian Brothers).  I can’t wait for the next Overly Dramatic Dramatization to hit the airwaves!

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11 replies on “Look with your special eyes

  1. So, I've been in contact with the marketing department and they're not sure about the name of the actress. They told me that they think she was on MadTV, although I've checked their cast list and I can't find anyone who looks like her. But maybe that rings a bell with you?


  2. It doesn't ring any bells. I checked their cast list as well and I don't see her. Oh well. No biggee. Thanks for checking on that Natalie.


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