I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been rather busy with my internship (and loving every minute!)  I’m not quite energized enough for a mega-post, but I thought I’d stop by and share some of my favorite spots airing right now.  From silly to delusional to deadpan, these ads make me chuckle and, ultimately, that’s what makes them memorable.  So next time a corny idea lands on your desk, don’t write it off immediately.  Unless it involves a pun.  I draw the line at puns.


Do I want to eat stuff when I get old?  Definitely.  Do I want to do it with my own teeth?  Well, now that you mention it, yes.  While this ad may be a bit silly, the young man with that nice smile makes an excellent point.


If you’re into extreme sports, like cycling and basketball and standing on a breezy balcony, then you’ll love these matresses.  Sleepy’s perhaps takes a bit too much credit for your future success in all things awesome, but maybe I’m underestimating just how comfortable their beds are.

Sony PSP

Honestly, I love all of the Kevin Butler commercials.  I love that he’s so nonchalant.  I love that he has a sort of idiot savant persona.  And in this ad, I love that he promises bagels that he never intended to personally purchase.


Why is this man asking a series of useless questions?  Because he can, that’s why.  I’m such a sucker for deadpan presentation.

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Writer. Internet Wrangler. Media Relations by day. Marketing for ATB Publishing by night. Big fan of zombies, cupcakes and candid photography. 我爱北京

2 replies on “It’s Good to Be Bad

  1. Hey, watch what you say about my boyfriend Dexter. He has a heart of gold. Kind of. Well not really but I love him anyway.

    And yes, that is Michael C. Hall doing the narration. He's the new voice of Dodge!


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