I was worried nothing could top “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” the first ad in the most recent Old Spice campaign.  In addition to catapulting the handsome and deliciously deadpan Isaiah Mustafa into sudden stardom, the ad actually made me consider reconsidering my stance on the brand’s sex appeal.  Previously having been mentally categorized to be as desirable as a drunk and aging boat captain, I was forced to see Old Spice in a new light.  This light:

After laughing hysterically (and perhaps drooling ever-so-slightly), I began to wonder how they could possibly follow that ad with something equally entertaining.  As it turns out, the secret to their continued success is Isaiah Mustafa.  Old Spice, I implore you to ditch the disturbingly twitchy Odor Blocker and embrace the man your brand could look like.

Posted by:Natalie

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2 replies on “Old Spice, New Laughs

  1. It's particularly true now that they did that two day marathon of YouTube videos. W + K are seriously my new heroes for getting Proctor & Gamble to agree to the project. Now I finally know what it means to look at a campaign and jealously wish I had been a part of it.


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